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The South Fork of the American River in its natural state would not have sufficient flows during the summer to support rafting or other floating activities as they are known today. Adequate flows for rafting result from hydroelectric releases from facilities located at Chili Bar and above. These releases are made for power generation and are not subject to the control of El Dorado County or commercial rafting companies operating under permits from El Dorado County.

2017 Water UpdateThanks to our cooperation with the Utility Districts on the American River, we will have recreational water releases daily for the summer of 2017! Even in drought years, the American River is the most popular river in the west for whitewater rafting and also has the most dependable flows during low snowpack years:

South Fork American - Guaranteed rafting water is released on Saturday, Sunday and Monday in April and early May. 5 days per week Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from Mid May through August. Saturday and Sunday flows in September and October.

"We will definitely recommend the South Fork of the American Rafting to friends who are looking for a great rafting experience and look forward to another trip for ourselves." - David Miller